National Lipstick Day – July 29th

It’s #nationallipstickday friends!

💋Did you know that ONE in THREE lipstick brands contain more lead than the FDA’s acceptable limit? FYI, lead and other heavy metals 🤘🏼are commonly found in colored cosmetics – they are naturally occurring with the colorants. While they may be naturally occurring, they are not safe and they are easily absorbed through cosmetics.

The US FDA has issued some limits for metals as intentional colorants, but there are no limits for heavy metals as contaminants. The EU bans the intentional use of certain heavy metals, but currently does not mandate regulatory concentration limits for trace levels in cosmetic products. To date, Canada has the most health-protective regulations in place regarding allowable heavy metal levels, including trace contaminants, for cosmetics sold in Canada.

💋 Did you know that the average women consumes FOUR pounds of lipstick in their lifetime? That can add up to a whole lot of heavy metals. And currently, laws do not require that heavy metal contaminants be disclosed by cosmetics companies or listed on cosmetic ingredients labels because they are not intentional ingredients.

💋 Beautycounter third party tests EVERY batch of colored cosmetics FIVE times for heavy metals for zero or non-detectable levels. Not only is it safer, it’s also high performing – meaning it will compete with your conventional lipstick 💄.

Lipstick, so tell me:

Reds or pinks?

Sheer or intense?

Gloss or lipstick?

My answers: pinks (sometimes reds), intense, and lipstick!


Clean Beauty in the Press

When I switched to Safer Skincare with Beautycounter, it was extremely helpful to have articles about skincare, cosmetics, and the beauty industry to reference. These articles help to validate the Safer Skincare and Beauty movement, whether or not you choose to purchase Beautycounter or not.

Here are some resources for you as you embark on your Safer Skincare journey. Click on each image to load the full article or resource.

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How to Support the Beautycounter Mission

One way to support the work that Beautycounter is doing to pave the way for Safer Skincare for everyone is to shop Beautycounter.

Another way to not only support the work that Beautycounter is doing, AND also to get rewarded yourself, is to join our Band Of Beauty Membership.

You can also host a Beautycounter Pop-Up.

This is a simple way to share safer skincare with your friends and family. For more info, head to the Host a Pop-Up portion of the Beautycounter website.

We would also love to have your voice in our movement in Washington, DC.


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My Favorite Beautycounter Picks

I started using Beautycounter in the Spring of 2017. My first favorites were:



Now that I’ve tried more of the products, I have some new favorites to add to my list of old favorites:

The new(ish) makeup has been a BLAST to experiment with!



The Overnight Resurfacing Peel is a product I use every other night.
This is my new daily routine and my skin couldn’t be happier.
My everyday, non-negotiable. That safe SPF and lightweight coverage.