Life After the Detox Packages

Q: What is the Life After the Detox package?

A: You’ve completed the detox and you’ve made PROGRESS! But you’re not sure how you can go back into everyday life without eating ALL THE THINGS.

That’s where Life After the Detox comes in! The goal of this program is to be the bridge from Detox life into Life After the Detox.

Q: How can it help me?

A: Many people simply aren’t ready to “go it alone” after the detox and still have goals that they are working toward. We will discuss your goals in a Wellness Vision session and make a plan for the next six to eight weeks (depending if you are an online or in-person participant). We will take another trip to Whole Foods to find foods that can help bridge Detox life to Life After the Detox. I’ll analyze your current diet and and make recommendations for your Life After the Detox. We’ll have a potluck with meals that fit our Life After the Detox goals (in-person only).


Q: Do I have to buy a bunch of stuff (supplements, meal replacement shakes, bars, etc.)? 

A: Nope. You’ll still just be buying real food.

Q: What do I need to buy?

A: Besides my coaching fee, you don’t need to buy anything. Practical Paleo and some food samples are included in the fee.

Q: How much is the Life After the Detox package?
  • Online price: $149 per person
  • Local in-person group: $199
Q: What’s the difference between the In-Person group and the Online group?
Online Group In-Person Group
Practical Paleo
Access to our Private Facebook Group
Access to my Expertise as a Nutrition Consultant
Accountability Partner
Daily Educational Detox Videos
Three conference calls:

  • Wellness Vision
  • Life After the Detox – what can I eat now?
  • Diet Analysis and Recommendations
Four In-Person Sessions:

  • Wellness Vision
  • Life After the Detox Whole Foods  Shopping “field trip”
  • Life After the Detox Meal Swap/Potluck
  • Diet Analysis and Recommendations
Life After the Detox Swag Bag

  • Filled with Foods to help you ease back into everyday life
Cost $149 $199
Life After the Detox Package — Online
Life After the Detox Package — In-Person

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