Today is day 13 in the first chemo cycle. Many of you have asked how I’ve been doing. The answer is surprisingly well. I’ve had very little nausea and as long as eat small meals frequently, I’m okay. My main symptom is exhaustion and it’s like nothing that I’ve ever felt before. Just sitting and talking with people wears me out. OUT. But the good news is that I’ve had more energy the past few days. During days 15-21, I should feel more like myself. YES!! I also had the most painful aches in my bones on days 7-8. It was the strangest feeling and nothing made it better except Tylenol. Thank heavens for Tylenol. This was likely due to the Neulasta shot that I got on day 2. This shot boosts your white blood cells since the chemo effects them. (white blood cells are produced in the bones, which I’m sure you all know, but the teacher in me…)  I’m also susceptible to infection since I have low white blood cell counts and my body can’t fight off infection as well as it normally does (so if you plan to visit me and are sick, please reschedule! 🙂

I have also started losing my hair 🙁 They said it would happen around day 21, so I plan to shave it on day 20. Hopefully it will last me until my hair shaving. Which brings me to the hair shaving party. Anyone that would like to come see the new bald me and the new me with wigs, is welcome to come over next Tuesday 7/8. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks. 6:00 at our place. Be forewarned: I will cry. But it’s okay to cry. Jim and I are handling this well, but that doesn’t mean we (me) don’t get emotional at times. It’s a part of the process. He is my rock and I am his. Thank you all for support through all of this because you are making it easier on Jim and I. Last, but not least, my next chemo is scheduled for July 10th and if you’d like you can join me in wearing some pink that day! 🙂

Thank you all again. From the bottom of my heart.