T-minus 6 days

Hi Team KLB!

The end of chemo came and went and I am enjoying my time before surgery. The cupcakes and cocktails was awesome! Thanks to those of you that joined us!  Overall, I’m feeling pretty good, but I’m still more tired than normal, I still have neuropathy in my fingers and toes, my muscles are still weak. My hair is starting to grow back, it’s quite fuzzy on my head :-). Some of you may have seen that we were able to take a trip to Pittsburgh to attend a friend’s wedding. We had a great time. I’m glad we finally got to have a bit of fun!

Mini-rant here: apparently the TSA thinks a head scarf = terrorist, because I got extra searched after going through the x-Ray scanner. Jim was about to lose his shit. Luckily it was quick. It was just me that they “randomly” searched both ways. I have never been randomly searched before. We didn’t let that ruin our trip, but it was ridiculous. They obviously have never had cancer because I don’t have time to plot an elaborate terrorist plan using my head scarf, I have healing and living to do. Terrorism isn’t on my agenda. Duh!

I went to visit my students today during our VIP reading week. I was a guest reader. They were very excited- I was like celebrity 🙂 We still have a few fight shirts left- if you still want one, let me know. $15 each. Men’s shirts run true to size, women’s shirts run small. Here’s a list of what’s available: MENS: one medium, two large, one x-large, two xx-large. WOMENS: one small, two large, one xx-large.

My surgery is scheduled for next Thursday 11/20. As of now, I’m nervous, but I’m sure I will be. I hope to deal with the emotions of it when it’s actually happening/ happened. I have made a google doc for meals mad walking buddies and Christmas decorations help- if that’s your thing, you’d enjoy it more than Jim will (I love to decorate for Christmas and would be really sad if there weren’t any decorations up this year.) Please remember that we are gluten free. In general we eat paleo, which for us means: limited grains and dairy, but as long as it is gluten free, I’m happy. (Beggars can’t be choosers.) As always, thanks again for your continued love and support. You’re awesome.