Pancake Charcuterie

2020 Mother’s Day Pancake Charcuterie Board

In keeping with the spirit of charcuterie boards, there is no one way to charcuterie! Add what appeals to you and your guests, but here is what we included in ours:

ProteinBrunchy CarbsFruitsToppings
BaconGluten Free pancakesStrawberriesHazelnut & Chocolate spread
SausageGluten Free pancake cerealBlueberriesJam
Deviled Eggs
(not picutred)
(accidentally left at home!
Coffee cakePecan butter

Recipes for the pancakes, the pancake cereal, and the coffee cake came from The New Best Recipe cookbook using Cup for Cup gluten free flour.

Pancake Charcuterie Board complete with Pancake cereal. This is all the rage on Instagram!