Hi #teamklb,

The chemo session last week had some complications. The first drug they give me, Adriamycin, is what they call a vesicant – can irritate the skin and veins. They have to be super careful that none gets on my skin or the nurse’s skin and to clear the veins with saline as they push it through the syringe. On its way in this time it really hurt my veins and Chemo is NOT supposed to hurt. My arm was red and swollen and still is today. The day after chemo, I went in and they took pictures, measurements, etc. and they had the doctor look at it. He said that he doesn’t think it leaked into surrounding tissues, but that the vein is just irritated by the drug. So they have scheduled me to have a picc line put in. This is like a more permanent IV line put into my arm and feeds into a much larger artery which means I shouldn’t have this issue with my veins being irritated. It’s scheduled for Tuesday 8/12 at El Camino Hospital. It’s about an hour long procedure and I can go home that day. If you know me well, you know that this is the kind of shit that really scares me and while I know in my head that this is very minor, I really wish this didn’t have to happen. And I’m pissed that’s it’s the week that I’ll be feeling better from chemo, because it’s going to be taken up by this bullshit. Anyways, we’ll being wearing some pink that day too, even though it’s not a chemo day. Thank you again for all of your love and support.