What is the Real Food Reset?

As a Nutrition Consultant, one of the best tools to help my clients is an elimination diet. It is a short-term dietary reset that removes the inflammatory and irritating foods to help get folks back to baseline and to a place where their bodies can heal. It also allows folks to pinpoint particularly problematic foods. It can help heal the gut and rebalance blood sugar.

How long is the Real Food Reset?

Elimination diets generally last four weeks to three months depending on the purpose and the person. The Real Food Reset is four weeks long. This is long enough to give your body time to heal and for you to see results, but not so long that you feel that it is not “do-able”. Four weeks also allows your palate to reset so that real foods taste better than before. You may also choose to do a “kick-off week” leading up to the Real Food Reset where you remove one or two foods, like soda, candy, or sugary caffeinated drinks to help ease you into week 1 of the Real Food Reset.

This can be a little nuanced and in the Real Food Reset we dig deeper into exactly what foods are IN and what foods are OUT and WHY. But in general…

The foods that we remove: alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed grains, processed foods, meat alternatives & soy products, vegetable oils, and generally speaking, fast food is out too.

The foods you can eat: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eggs, meat, grass-fed dairy, nuts, seeds, and legumes (except soy).

Included in the Real Food Reset is:

  • Four weeks of delicious chef-curated meal-plans
  • Four weeks of recipes
  • Four weeks of shopping lists
  • Four one-hour group coaching calls
  • Guides for Dining Out, Foods to Include and Eliminate, Sugar Synonyms, Seasonal Eating, and Daily Food & Mood Journal
  • BONUS – I will also send you a copy of my e-book Grocery Store Swaps: Finding Real Foods in a Sea of Frankenfoods.

You get access to:

  • Motivation, support, encouragement, and trouble-shooting
  • My knowledge as a Nutrition Consultant
  • My expertise leading nearly 100 people through elimination diet protocols
  • Telegram Real Food Reset Channel where each day I share ideas, recipes, motivation, successes, and more!

Besides joining the Real Food Reset and purchasing food to cook and eat, there is nothing else that you need to buy to join the Real Food Reset. No additional supplements, pills, or powders. Depending on our conversations and your particular needs, I may recommend something for you to purchase to support you during the Real Food Reset.

When is the Real Food Reset?

The Real Food Reset will run four times each year and it will coincide with the Winter Solstice (just a few weeks shy due to the holidays), the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, and the Fall Equinox.

The 2024 Real Food Reset Dates are:

  • Winter Real Food Reset Monday January 8
  • Spring Real Food Reset Monday March 25
  • Summer Real Food Reset Monday June 24
  • Fall Real Food Reset Monday September 23

What do we cover during our calls?

  • Week 1 Call: Preparation and getting ready for the reset: Clearing out your cabinets, reading labels, meal prepping, and shopping.
  • Week 2 Call: Sugar Seminar: Learn about the impact of sugar on the body and how to find balance in our modern world.
  • Week 3 Call: Fats, Grains, & Antinutrients, Oh My!: Learn about which dietary fats are good for you and which are not and the truth about grains & antinutrients.
  • Week 4 Call: Life after the Real Food Reset: Taking what you have learn and your wins to ease back into everyday life and deciding what from the Real Food Reset you continue long term.

Why should I join the the Real Food Reset?

  • Increased energy
  • More stable moods
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved immune function
  • Clearer thinking
  • Control over cravings
  • An improved relationship with food
  • Empowerment to make confident food-related decisions
  • Possible weight loss
  • Possible improved blood work

What is the cost of the Real Food Reset?

Four weeks of recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and group coaching costs $179. Don’t have PayPal? My Venmo is @cleaneatingwithkatie.


Q: Can vegetarians join the real-food reset? What about vegans?

A: Pescatarians that also eat dairy can join the Real Food Reset. This will ensure that your daily protein intake is sufficient. I do not promote a vegan diet because it is high in inflammatory foods. Meat alternatives are especially high in inflammatory foods, which is why they are out for the real-food reset.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: No refunds will be issued as materials will be distributed upon payment. However, you can postpone your participation to join a Real Food Reset within 6 months of the original Real Food Reset.

Q: Do I have to quit and restart if I eat foods from the elimination list?

A: Short answer: No. This is something we discuss during our calls.

Q: How many people are in a group?

A: Group sizes are intentionally small to provide personalized support and coaching. Typically there will 4-8 participants in a Real Food Reset group.

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