Here are some great things people have to say about working with Katie:


From Jenny:

Katie was a great coach! She shared her passion and knowledge about clean eating, helped me start to change my hydration and eating habits, and introduced me to new healthy foods I’ve never tried before.

From Amy:

Thank you for helping our family bring a cleaner menu to Thanksgiving table. We refreshed a couple favorite recipes, tried new 21dsd inspired recipes, and served 21dsd apple crumble with unsweetened whipped cream for dessert. It was a beautiful meal and comfortable gathering.

From Shanna:

I have used the 21 DSD in the past to help me reduce the amount of sugar and processed foods in my diet. I thought this round would be beneficial to have Katie coach me because I am training for a full marathon and wanted guidance to provide the proper fuel for the long runs. I had decided on completing the Level 2 with energy mod, but found that my long runs were difficult by the end because my energy level was not keeping up. After discussing my options with Katie I dropped to Level 1 and it was perfect. The addition of some grains allowed me to maintain my energy and complete my 16 mile Saturday. A very nice bonus to improved mood and sleep patterns was my clothing is fitting much more loosely than the start of my detox. In addition I am not feeling like I am missing out on desserts or needless sugar in my diet.

From Amy:

My biggest takeaway was to fill up on veggies and protein – foods that pack the biggest punch nutritionally. I was never hungry on the 21DSD! I haven’t felt the need to indulge in my regular before-bed snack. Going forward, I’ll pack breakfasts and proper lunches, so as not to be tempted by the chips and cookies at the office! Thanks for all the great info and awareness about what we’re unknowingly putting into our bodies.

From Kristin:

With the support from Katie and a small army of other detoxers, the 21DSD made a huge difference in my life. New concepts, tips, health facts and delicious sugar-free recipes were introduced to me, and my world shifted in a positive direction. With the right support and planning that Katie provides from the start, the detox is really fun and easy to manage. The biggest take-away’s for me were: WHY it’s important to eliminate sugars, HOW to read labels correctly and shop for the right foods, and WHAT happens to your mind, body and spirit during-and after- the 21DSD challenge. It’s amazing to read labels now, and realize just how much sugar (and other crap) is in our food! I love knowing and not filling my body with crap. I now feel lighter, happier, more refreshed and energized and confident about my food choices. Thanks Katie, and the 21DSD program- and support system!!

From Leanna:

21DSD was totally doable! My family had dinner every night. But didn’t feel restricted by my expectations. I learned so much that I look at every plate differently. Katie, was available whenever we needed her with guidelines and ideas for helping our success without judgement. I appreciate the numerous resources for continuing this kind of lifestyle for me and my family. Thank you for the support, kindness, and individualization.

From Katie:

I am a stay at home mom and have had three babies in under 5 years. Feeling in a rut with my energy levels and constant cravings, I decided to do a group with Katie. I am nursing so Katie helped me navigate how to eat while still maintaining a supply and never once was that an issue. I accomplished so much more in a day while detoxing, I had energy for everything and everyone that relies on me. I lost 10 lbs. as well but that is just a bonus side effect to how amazing the detox made me feel overall.

From Irene:

Doing the 21DSD program was an eye opening experience. I did not realize how often we consume “a little sugar” – and it obviously adds up! Besides removing sugars from my diet I think this was a really good way to experience “clean eating” and get in the mind set of always eating clean. Katie’s coaching was invaluable in successfully going through the program. She kept me on track and her helpful hints through email, Facebook and the conference calls were great. I recommend Katie and this program to everyone. I intend to continue to eat this way, mindfully, and to repeat the program with her again. Thank you Katie!

From Mona:

Katie’ knowledge of nutrition was the catalyst for my joining the program. I trust that she did her homework and put my well being in her hands. I have been having health issues and am working on anything that will improve my health and this was one of the steps. Even if you think you are eating healthy food, it is a complicated subject and different for each person. The 21 days went by very quickly. I am continuing the process with a little less restriction on a daily basis. I hope to continue to lose weight at a reasonable speed and keep it off by not reverting back to my old habits. I still have issues preparing food and eating three meals a day. That’s what I am working on now. Thank you Katie!! I will most likely do the 21 day detox again in January.

From Susan:

I exercise every day but at age 64, found it difficult to take off the 5 lbs. I gained during the holidays. This program came at the right time for me. It was daunting to use so many new food items but now I look forward to trying new recipes. My husband and I really like the main course recipes. I made the apple crumble once but I find I’m not craving sweets as much so I don’t feel the need to have this around. Now that I’ve lost the 5 lbs. my plan is to basically eat this way during the week and loosen up a little on the weekends.

From Alison:

Katie has great knowledge when it comes to nutrition and the 21dsd. She was always available for questions and if see didn’t know the answer she went out an found it quickly. Her positivity and encouragement really helped motivate me to keep going. On the 21dsd I was able to stop my cravings, be in a better mood, and improve my workouts. I feel like I made more gains in the 21 days than I have at 6 months at the gym. The 21dsd has really set me up to continue to make better choices when it comes to food and Katie was an amazing coach!

From Kevin:

The 21DSD was a great challenge. I was amazed by the immediate changes that occurred in my body weight and also the amount of junk I was unnecessarily consuming. I felt the program that Katie led was very helpful for me to make mindful food choices and to be smarter in my diet. Katie is an awesome coach and mentor and I would do her program again in a heartbeat. She was very encouraging and really interactive with the group. She also provided a frame work and special guidance for some of the challenges I faced like traveling, dietary restrictions, and meal planning for my wife whom broke her wrist 2 weeks into the program. Katie is recommended and awesome!

From Roger:

Katie was a very helpful, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic coach! I appreciate the ease of accessibility she gave to the group both in person and via Facebook. The information she gave us was helpful and the energy she has was infectious!

From Denise:

I learned more useful information in the 21DSD than I did in Nutrition 101 in college! A healthy mindset + a great goal = a healthier you! Decide what you eat, not what the food industry has boxed for us for pocketed in big $$ profits. It was a really great experience!!

From Carole:

My husband and I found the 21 Day Sugar Detox program immensely valuable and, I would even say, life changing. We went from unhealthy, highly-processed eating habits to learning how to prepare home-cooked, healthy meals everyday. My most noticeable improvement during the program was highly elevated energy levels and improved mental clarity. The best part, however, was my husband’s glucose levels going from 100 mg/dL (pre-diabetes) down to 87. This was such a big deal for us since his levels had been lingering around 100 mg/dL for years and diabetes runs rampant in his family.

From Sarah:

This program is very doable and is a great way to put your sugar in check. I lost about 8 pounds in 21 days. My skin became clearer too. Having Katie as a coach was really helpful- a little bit of peer pressure goes a long way.