Clean Living with Katie

While trying to rehab my knees (tight IT bands and weak muscles) I was trying to boost my lymphatic drainage. I was already jumping on a trampoline and dry brushIMG_3989ing to increase lymphatic drainage, so I decided to do the yoga pose “legs up the wall” or Viparita Karani. After I was done, my husband decided he should try it as well. As I was instagramming the photo, I decided to use a new hashtag – #cleanlivingwithkatie.

This part of my website is dedicated to the lifestyle factors that can improve health. As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, I have been trained to recognize that diet, as well as lifestyle are key players in improving health.

Here you will find posts that I have written about the many lifestyle factors that can be barriers to successfully meeting your health goals.

Hugs & Health <3,